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FLASH is a free, independent International news publication that has been published electronically in email format since October 1994. FLASH reaches more than 10,000 subscribers worldwide. It is the first, oldest and largest ezine in existence for the Deaf Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Communities.

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While FLASH is targeted towards the Deaf Queer Community, hearing and non-Queer friends, allies and supporters are welcome to subscribe to this invaluable community resource.

FLASH was founded by Dragonsani Renteria who began the ezine as a free "extra" for CTN Magazine subscribers. CTN was published in print format from 1991-1996. FLASH eventually replaced the printed magazine when it could not continue publication due to high printing costs.

Dragonsani served as FLASH Editor for eight years until June 2002 when Billy "Zookie" Barr took over. Zookie served as Editor until August 2003. Nanette Edwards is FLASH's newest Editor. FLASH is a volunteer effort.

The FLASH logo (above) was designed by Zookie.

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