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Homeless Man Found Beaten, Later Dies

Potential Hate Crime Being Investigated


WAVERLY, Ohio -- A homeless man was found beaten Saturday in Waverly and later died at a local hospital. Now prosecutors are investigating whether the incident was a hate crime, NBC 4's Elizabeth Scarborough reported.

Daniel Fetty, 39, had recently lost his apartment in a fire and was living out of his car. He was found early Saturday morning in a Dumpster after police were called to the scene of a fight. Fetty was naked and beaten. He died 12 hours later at a local hospital.

Fetty's car was found in the parking lot near the Dumpster behind the Vallery building at 100 N. Market St. The week's worth of wages he was paid on Friday was gone, Scarborough reported.

"He had a job," said Fetty's friend, Sandy Carrier. "He was trying to earn enough money to pay for an apartment."

Carrier said Fetty may not have heard his attackers because had a hearing impairment and wore a hearing aid.

Police arrested Matthew Ferman, 22, James Trent Jr., 19, and Martin Baxter, 28. All three were charged with aggravated murder and aggravated robbery, according to Pike County Prosecutor Robert Junk. They are being held in the Ross County Jail.

Waverly police are calling the incident a robbery, but Fetty's friends said he was gay and wonder if that was why he was killed, Scarborough reported.

Junk, who said this was one of the most gruesome cases he had seen, said he will investigate whether Fetty's sexuality played a role in his death.

"If the facts in this case are true, we're looking at a pretty horrendous offense," Junk said.

Source: NBC

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