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[coming out stories]

We thank the following individuals for being out, proud and visible and sharing their coming out stories.

In American Sign Language. Quicktime required.

Bob --Accountant (Retired) / ASL Instructor, Columbus, OH
Bryan --Billing Representative, Renton, WA
Cathy --Project Director, Sherman Oaks, CA
Christopher --Special Education Teacher, Atlanta, GA
Dano --Youth Director, Renton, WA
Donna --Manager, Seattle, WA
Emmett --Graphic/Industrial Designer, Phoenix, AZ
Gino --National Interpreter Trainer, Phoenix, AZ
Juan --Deaf Interpreter/ASL Tutor, Chicago, IL
Leslie --Writer/Entrepreneur, San Diego, CA
Lynn --Community Advocate, Portland, OR
Modela --Actress, Rancho Mirage, CA
Ricky --Blogger, Richmond, VA
Sean --Middle School Teacher, Phoenix, AZ

English is a second language to the majority of the Deaf community. As a result, not all written stories reflect standard English usage.

Alison --Publishing Assistant, Hyattsville, MD
Barbara --High School Life Skill Teacher, Tucson, AZ
Bobbi --Post Office Worker, San Jose, CA
Dan --Educator, Kentucky
David --Residential Counselor, Knoxville, TN
Dustin --Drugs and Alcohol Prevention Specialist, Fresno, CA
Jed --Horse Breeder, Oklahoma City, OK
Josh --Attorney, Washington, DC
Kelli --Student, Macomb, MI
LaShawna --Makeup Artist, Philadelphia, PA
Linda --Mother, Therapist, Director, Newark, CA
Lupita --College Student, Rochester, NY
Martin --Warehouse Supervisor, San Antonio, TX
Mary --Landscaper, Portland, OR
Mikey --Relay Service Translator, Cleveland, OH
Nanette --College Student, Sacramento, CA
Natasha --Actress, New York, NY
Pablo --High School Student, Miami, FL
Patrick --Retired, Madison, WI
Philip --Self-employed Architect, San Francisco, CA
Scot --HIV/AIDS Educator, Houston, TX
Susan --Elementary School Teacher, San Francisco, CA

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