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[coming out stories]

Bobbi Barentsen
Post Office Worker, San Jose, CA
October 11, 2004

Where do I start.... Well I was a tomboy growing up ... and always outside playing sports. Until I was in DeAnza college and working part time ... and playing softball for DeAnza college. I was the only deaf person on the team as usual. :) I remembered talking to my teammates about learning sign language and they would ask me, bobbi, "what is the sign for I love you?" I would tell her what the sign was ..... the romantic way, not the symbol of ILY. That gal did the sign to another teammate of ours, I knew there was something between them two and GOD! it gave me goosebumps!!!!! knew I am gay and like womyn. That is how it all started. That was when I was 20 years old. AND that was 21 yrs ago..... and am still a BUTCH woman. :) any femmes for me?...

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