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[coming out stories]

Dustin Knott
Drugs and Alcohol Prevention Specialist, Fresno, CA
October 11, 2005

I came out of the closet to my family two years ago before I moved to Kansas. My friends knew the truth about me already, not my family. How it impacted? I was confused which sexual preference I wanted to be with, a woman or man.

I had a steady girlfriend for 4 or 5 years, and I did something behind her back was affair with a man. I was very confused that time and scared I'd be hurted.

After I broke up with that girlfriend, and I've had been playing around to check on men. I'm not saying to go ahead and have sex. I was very curious that time. After I found out the truth about myself that I'm really into men, not women. I made a huge mistake on taking second date with a woman for a year. I realized it's 100% not what I wanted to be with a woman. I told her that I'm gay and didn't feel comfortable to move on the relationship. One day, something happened to me , she called my parents.

That's how I've been out of closet to my family since I was 25 years old and moved to Kansas. Now I moved back to California two months ago, and got a job in Fresno, CA. I am still proud of myself for who I am, Dustin!

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