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[coming out stories]

Kelli R.
Student, Macomb, MI
October 11, 2005

Hello, I'm Kelli. I knew I was different in the very beginning. I just didn't understand at the time. I had a very hard time coming out when I was a teenager. It was in the 80's. I hardly didn't have very much supports since then. I was very confused because I was dealing all this by myself. I was 16 years old; my family took it hard when I told them the news. My grandmother believed it was not necessary at all. She wanted me to go to U of M hospital and have a self-image therapy. Actually what this does, it brainwashes you. If I ever went there, I would never know who I am today. Thanks god, I never went there. I had to convience them that I am not gay anymore so they leave me alone. I was alone for long time. Just recently, I joined the glbt support group at the college. I felt comfortable there and we all have something in common, plus we're students. They seemed to be lot stronger than I am, regarding what I went thru. I realized during the process, I can make myself stronger by having so much supports from them. It is so nice that there are places I can go to and I am not alone.

Today, my family and I are at peace. My mother have been very supportive to me than she was in the past. She never judge me of who I should be. I think she was scared to confront her mom because her mom was controlling the whole family of what it should be. It never does in the first place. My grandmother passed away few years ago. It is terrible way to say but it is a relief that I am breathing much easier. I think I came out of the shell at a good time.

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