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[coming out stories]

Lupita Maldonado
College Student, Rochester, NY
October 11, 2004

I knew that I am lesbian since I am 15 years old. Everyone my family ask why I have no boyfriend. I have no interest in the boys. When I am 16 years old I met lesbian girl at TSD. Everyone tell me to be careful, that she is bad person. I ask why is she bad person? They say she is bad because she is lesbian. I know I am lesbian, too but I afraid to tell any peoples. But I do become her friend. I ignore what other peoples say. She become my good friend and we fun lots. She is so funny and wonderful person. One year go by fast and soon the homecoming, she ask me to be her date and I say YES. School people not happy about it but we do not care. My family upset. I explain I am more happy with her than boys. She inspire me not be ashame of who I am myself. I am happier person than before. I do not care if some peoples do not like me because I am lesbian. I know I am good person. Being lesbian not make you bad person. Never believe any peoples who tell you that you are bad. They are WRONG. Be true yourself. It is only way you be happy.

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