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[coming out stories]

Mikey Krajnak
Relay Service Translator, Cleveland, OH
October 11, 1997

I came out to my parents on June 1, 1994. It was most difficult moment for me to see my mother's jaws drop and her eyes come to tears. Dad clammed up and shook his head. It was a very intense moment for all of us. It happened outside while I was cooking barbecue for dinner. My brother, Bob and his fiancee came out and reassured them that I'm actually the same person, except I've been a little bit more honest with them. Later in the night, Mom wrote me this letter on behalf of her and Dad. I felt this is the best letter any gay children could get from their parents. I wanted to share with you.


June 2, 1994

Dear Michael,

Thank you for trusting and loving us enough to tell us you are gay. I know that sharing that was as difficult for you as it was for us. I can't lie and say "okay, no problem! It doesn't bother me one bit." Because you know it wouldn't be true. We both have to come to terms with it and all its ramifications. And we will come to terms with it.

You are our son and we love you with all our hearts. That is not changed in any way at all. Your friends and anyone you love will always be welcome in our home.

Please know that you can share anything at anytime. We will always be here for you.


Mom and Dad

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