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[coming out stories]

Scot Pott
HIV/AIDS Educator, Houston, TX
October 11, 1997

This is Scot A Pott and I was born deaf. I believe that I was born politics, too. I went to mainstream schools till I graduated from high school in Houston. I was STRAIGHT till I was in college. I had several girlfriends and I fell in love with them.

I realized that I was attracted to men when I was a sophomore in college after not dating for two years due to my heavy course work, my job and my activities in college. Finally, I had a date with a college gal at the end of my sophomore year. When I dated her, I realized that I was still attracted to men.

I did not date a guy till end of my junior year in college. When I began dating, I was awkward and NERVOUS. After a few dates, it thrilled me very much. However, I did not come out of the closet to anyone except my few friends.

Finally, in 1989, I came out of the closet when I live with a hearing guy. I told everyone..."I have a hearing lover." To my surprise, most of my friends knew all about it. After I told everyone including my family, I felt great... Today, I am still feeling great. No matter who, I am still telling people who I am.

In 1991, I first attended Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (RAD) convention that was held in Dallas. I was one of those eight Mr. RAD contestants and I won Mr. RAD '91. I noticed that RAD is the right thing for me to be involved with and I decided to help this organization and its folks. I made several presentations to various organizations since I was Mr. RAD '91.

In 1993, I was chosen as RAD Secretary and I was chosen again in 1995. Then, I was chosen as RAD President last July in Kansas City. My lover, John Janco promised me that he would wear a piece of pearls if I am elected as President. He wore it at the banquet as my "First Lady" like Barbara Bush because we live in Houston and our house is just about five miles away from Bush's winter home.

I told you earlier that I was born politics. I wanted to make sure that RAD organization stands strong and lives forever. There are local RAD chapters in the USA and Canada as well as other countries on this planet.

Please mark it on your calendar...June 15 - 20, 1999 which is our next RAD convention that will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana and it will be held close to the Historic French Quarter. I guarantee that your will enjoy the RAD convention very much. If you want more information about the convention, including workshops, reception, banquet, pageants, womyn's night/gay's night and delegate's meeting, please email with your snail address given.

We are here for you if you need a support. We would love to have all of you, Lesbians and Gays to be involved with us, RAD!!! I want us to be ONE family! We want to show our pride to the Deaf Community, even come out to National Association of the Deaf (NAD).

I look back to the day I came out to everyone. It was worthwhile! It is not too late for anyone to come out. I know a few people who came out of the closet in their 50s and 60s after many years of 'straight' marriages. Also, I know a few people who came out of the closet when they were teenagers.

Before closing this, we need to say this motto, "The closets are for clothes only, not human beings."

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